Lynn's Software Recommendations

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Telnet/SSH: Putty

Putty is both a telnet and SSH (Secure Shell) client. It allows you to log into many embedded Ethernet devices such as Digi Device Servers.

Why do I recommend this?

HyperTerminal under Windows XP is broken for use as a telnet client. It kind of works, but saves all log files as garbage. The Windows XP commandline telnet lacks normal flexibility.

Since I need to use telnet daily, I needed a better tool - Putty works as I expect. Since Digi products support SSH login, some day I may actually need SSH - but for now telnet is all I use. Since I have a U3-enabled USB stick I use Putty for U3. I include a second link for a Putty rebuild which does NOT store its parameters in the Windows registry. This makes it portable, but I have not tried that specific version.


License Freeware, open source
Main Website
Portable Application Yes: get from or if you have a U3-based USB key Putty for U3
Portable Size 0.5MB (as of Nov-2006) when installed