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Disk Encryption: TrueCrypt

TrueCrypt Icon Truecrypt is a free open-source disk encryption software for Windows XP/2000/2003 and Linux.

Main Features:

Why do I recommend this?

While most people aren't secretly planning for world domination, most people may find the occasional need to hide something from even an Administrator on their computer. Perhaps you enjoy playing the occassional PC game which you don't want your computer-wiz 11-year old to play. You know, the kid who knows more about that computer than you do! Perhaps you want to store some personal phone and address information on your work computer. TrueCrypt allows you to create a filesystem hidden within a strongly encrypted file, then mounts it as a virtual disk drive when given the correct password. This virtual drive can be any size required - 10MB, 4GB, 100GB or more.

I actually started using such a tool on my work computer at my previous employer ... a company which had a habit (when down-sizing) of just showing up at your desk, asking for your computer, and marching you to the HR office for your severence pay. I understood that this prevented people from damaging company information on the computer, but I knew it prevented me from deleting my personal information of no use to the company. Hiding my personal information within a 1GB encrypted filesystem was the next best thing to being able to delete it on my way out.


License Freeware, open source hosted on SourceForge.Net
Main Website
Portable Application Yes, the normal application can be run from a USB drive
Portable Size 1.68MB (as of Nov-2006)